Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Marvel Essentials

I'd like to briefly lick the chode of the Marvel Essentials series. You get about twenty-five issues of a comic. They're printed on newsprint in black and white. It really doesn't sound good, but it works. I don't know if the words essential and essence are etymologically related, but that's what the Essentials give me. Essence. I can really see the editor's influence when I read them.

Page One: Did the main character survive last month's cliffhanger?

Page Two: Of course he did. Here's why: RECAP ORIGIN, etc

They're cheap and they look pretty decent on my shelf.

It saves the time and energy it would take to track down all the comics, issue by issue. And anyway: As single issues, they just wouldn't be as good. It's nice to sit and read seven or eight issues back to back, without fumbling around.

Anyway, all this fellatio has made my jaw sore and I have that weird taste in my mouth. It tastes like shame.

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