Monday, April 28, 2008

Muttpop Vinyl

When I started reading Juxtapoz, I began to follow the Vinyl Art Toy scene. Artists create their own toy molds, release them in limited runs, and charge exorbitant prices for them. It gets meta when the artists get their artist friends to produce alternate "colorways", variations on the decoration scheme of the mold.

The reason that I've become interested in Vinyl Toys is because I don't understand them. I don't completely understand how they are made. I'm still getting my head around how people can spend hundreds of dollars on them.They are slick looking characters, like those found in comics. Unlike comics, though, they don't serve any type of purpose, but to look good. They rarely have any type of backstory beyond a small blurb that the artist uses as a jumping on point to create the piece.

The toys I am most interested are the Lucha Libre figures from MuttPop. They have a little bit of a back story, but mostly they just look awesome. Thanks to the Internet, you can enjoy them without dropping your hard earned cheddar. Via Vinyl Pulse, here is a great flickr set from the recent MuttPop show at Delkographik in France.

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Sunday, April 27, 2008

Pittsburgh Comicon 2008

Just returned from Pittsburgh Comicon 2008 with a pretty decent haul. I sticked to the $1 comics and half price trade paperbacks. Here's what I got (and why).

DC Bizarro anthology: DC Characters through the eyes of indie darlings like Evan Dorkin, Chip Kidd, and Tony Millionaire. Sweet cover by Matt Groening, too. It was only ten bucks.

Dirty Pair: Run From The Future: Adam Warren draws chaos better than just about anyone. Eight bucks.

Power and Glory by Howard Chaykin. Not sure what it's about but I got all four parts for a buck a piece. It's Howard Chaykin, so that's a steal.

Shanna The She Devil-Page after page of Frank Cho cheesecake. Very pulpy.

Kick-Ass #1 and #2-This is one of those new titles that keeps me hopeful about the comic book medium. A real life superhero that fails and fails, but keeps coming back for another beating. I've loved John Romita Jr's art since the Hearts of Darkness thing he did years ago. Mark Millar (Marvel's Civil War) does a good job at script, though the dialogue is awkward at times. I recommend this title highly, anyway.

Transformer's Spotlight: Hot Rod: He's my favorite transformer and this was a dollar.

Comicons are great.

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Saturday, April 26, 2008

Marvel Invades your wallet once again

So I guess Marvel's Secret Invasion is underway. For those of you that don't care enough to click the link (I don't blame you), this is Marvel's latest excuse for you to buy any and everything so you can stay up to speed on canon. Apparently, some Skrulls have been posing as well known Marvel characters for a long time. Yeah. When you tell your friends that comics aren't silly and over the top kids stuff, make sure to leave this one out of your argument.

Anyway, Erik Larsen, creator of Savage Dragon and the best artist to ever draw Spider-Man (and female breasts!) talks about how he wanted to reveal Elektra as a Skrull years ago, mainly as a fuck-you to Marvel for bringing Frank Miller's beloved character back from the grave. It's here.

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